What Would Be The Weekly Pay Rate From $40,000 Per Year And How Do You Work It Out?


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Mark Westbrook answered
To work out the weekly pay rate you take the figure or forty thousand dollars and divide it by fifty two, because there are fifty two weeks in the year. Don't forget to take out any money that has to legally come out of your pay check.

It equates to roughly $769 per week, which is okay, but not great, depending upon the cost of living where you live and whether or not there are two or more salaries in your home.

Forty thousand dollars is about twenty thousand pounds, which would be considered an acceptable graduate salary in the UK, but the cost of living in the USA is much better, so that money goes a lot further!

Sometimes employees don't pay during holidays, and sometimes they do, so that could affect your pay rate. Overtime might also affect the rate of pay and so might any bonuses and benefits that come with the package.

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