What Are The Core Values One Supervisor Possesses?


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A supervisor is a person in charge of a lot of people and it is very necessary for him to possess certain core values without which he cannot be an efficient worker. He should first and foremost be ready to work with his peers and juniors with a spirit of making them feel needed. He should have certain qualities like adaptability, co operation and courtesy. He should be ready to share his ideas and encourage others to do the same.

He should be responsible, accountable and know how to manage his staff members. Encouraging staff to learn new skills and employing them in their work, should promote a healthy and positive work environment and should be fair minded.

He should exhibit fairness and honesty, should have consistency in what he says and does and respect others' point of view. He should have professional ethics, high work standard and should respect confidentiality. He should pursue excellence in what his staff and he undertake.

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