What Is A Proctologist?


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A proctologist is a kind of a doctor who practices proctology. Proctology is a field of science which deals in the treatment of organs such as rectum, anus and colon. The doctor also helps diagnose the problems relating to those areas. The proctologist is not exactly a surgeon but can be one if trained. Proctologists help in curing cancer, inflammation, cracks, injuries, defects and other types of negative effects of those areas. Fissures and fistulas are also cured by a proctologist. Allopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, urologists and proctologists are closely related to one another and often take each other's advice.
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Proctology is a field in medicine dealing with diseases and disorders of the rectum, anus, colon and pelvic floor. The word Proctology is derived from the Greek words Protos, meaning anus or hind parts, and Logos meaning science or study.

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