How Can You Be Effective Interviewer?


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Some things are really necessary to be an effective interviewer some of them are listed below for your guidance.

Let the candidate speak most of the time. If you speak more, you would be able interviewing yourself rather than the applicant.
Determine the nature, type and psychology of the candidate and deal with him accordingly. It will help you elicit more and useful information from him.
Communicate in the language of the applicant. It will facilitate his applicant. Speak or put questions distinctly, clearly, directly and in easy language.
Control your emotions if you find the applicant wrong.
Pay respect to the feelings and emotions of the speaker.
Don't intercept to change the topic suddenly.
Establish eye contact with the candidate. Don't look side ways
Use bodily language, as nodding, smiling, facial expressions, friendly eyes.
Don't interrupt the candidate. Allowing pauses will encourage him to divulge some important information. Let him finish the topic.
You should accept at the face value what the applicant says without expressing disapproval, astonishment, or any other emotions.

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