What Are The Latest Steps Of The Nursing Processes?


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During late 1950's Ida Jean Orlando developed the theory of nursing. She observed various nurses in action and saw "good" nursing and "bad" nursing.
Upon observations she made certain conclusions such as the patient must be the most important to the nurse and nursing efforts should aim at improving the patient's conditions.

The nursing process is quite a simple process constituting of five basic steps. At first there were four steps, the fifth one was added from practical knowledge of Ms. Orlando over 40 years of her career.

The five steps of the nursing process are:
Nursing Diagnosis

Evaluation: Evaluation is the latest step in the nursing process. We would examine this step in a little closely. Since we all know that nursing process is a continuous process. Evaluation is a very important event that should occur at continuous intervals. Evaluation gives an analysis of the situation and throws light on success and amount of it. This will tell us eventually whether any changes or adjustments are required.

The evaluation process needs to take into consideration all the inputs from the entire team of health care professionals and the patient.
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Finding the most beneficial fit for a nursing unit that is short staffed. The focus is continuing to rest on the idea that in order to provide the most optimal care for patients there must be sufficient nursing personnel. Without that issue being addressed can there be improved standards of care?

With the added patient load and nurses not wanting to become of the transformation team will there be a fix to this ongoing dilemma?

Everyone is frustrated from the nursing manager to the nursing staff and diminished enthusiasm is affecting the outcome of this nursing process. Thanks!

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