What Are The Latest Developments In The Field Of Nursing ?


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The field of nursing has expanded into areas previously handled by physicians or physician assistants, who in the past were usually men. Due to increased numbers of nurses returning to college to further their education an acquire Master's and Doctoral degrees. In recent years the field of nursing has expanded in many specialities based upon the needs and demands of nurses to do more in the health care field.

Nurse anesthetists are doing the work previously done by anesthegiologists who were predominately male physicians. Now men and women nurse anesthetists work side by side with physicians in the care of surgery patients.

Nurses today can be found running and managing urgent care clinics; research; providing disease control education; working as critical care specialists; first responders in emergency crisis intervention; helicopter transport of critical patients; organ harvesting and first responders at accident scenes. Nursing programs have been created, which have moved the field of nursing to new heights.

Clinical nurse specialists function as health care providers, educators, consultants, disease research analysts, administrators of health care facilities and as case managers coordinating the care of specialty patients. Nursing specialists have set the standards for quality patient care, medical crisis in diabetes, cardiology, respiratory therapies, pediatrics, emergency medicine, care for the dying and psychiatric-mental health.

Years of practical knowledge acquired in hospitals and other medical facilities coupled with Master's and Doctoral degrees has enlarged the health care field. Nurses are qualified and trained in a wide range of specialties previously handled by physicians or otherwise neglected.

There exists today ever expanding developments in every area of the health care field for nursing. Nursing education includes direct medical care, ancillary services, patient education, counseling, crisis and emergency care service centers, administration specialties. Developments in such specialties as cancer care, cardiac care, dental care, and healthy lifestyles training are ever expanding. Nurses working as physician assistants are creating more and demands for well-trained medical nurses.

Nurses can now be found in some supermarkets, as health care providers treating patients for minor illnesses, such as colds, flu and minor injuries. These nurses write prescriptions and provide advice as any physician would, in these super market clinics and local health care clinics providing indigent care.
Many churches are beginning to hire nurses to provide direct are services for elderly and indigent members within their congregations. Some nurses work as case managers coordinating the overall care of these patients.

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