What Are The Latest Updates In Nursing?


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The latest updates in nursing change regularly so to keep up-to-date you should check websites such as This website is regularly updated with all the latest news in health that would be relevant to a nurse, these include recent medical findings and research, changes in training, medical news, courses available to study and a multitude of other things that would be important for a nurse to keep track of.

Recent medical news includes:

  • Researchers in Cambridge have found that slim people tend to have a gene that is linked to heart disease and diabetes. This is the first study to link body fat to these diseases. Doctors are stressing that being lean is not bad for you or that slim people are more at risk but the gene that usually leads to people being slim is the risk factor. Being overweight also increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes so doctors encourage people to remain a health weight, eat a healthy balanced diet and remain active no matter what your size.
  • Work-related 'burnout' has been studied and has been found that working more than 40 hours a week, working part-time or having a boring, unchallenging or unfulfilling job can lead to experiencing 'burnout. Administration staff were found to be most at risk of 'unchallenging burnout' and employees who had worked in the same position for over 16 years were at risk of 'worn-out burnout'.
  • New studies have found that the amount of medication prescribed to the elderly could be fatal and a range of common medications could increase the chance of death. Drugs with side effects such as constipation or a dry mouth and drugs which block the transmission of electrical impulses between nerve cells are most likely to have a link to mental decline.

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