What Are Main Features Of Management Information System?


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A management information system is a manual or computer-based system which allows a company to store, monitor and implement strategies using existing information which has been collected and stored. In order for it to work effectively, a system such as this needs the following criteria to be fulfilled: Data, hardware, software, people and communications.

The most important thing in a management information system is the data that is entered into it. This input can come in a variety of forms, including sales reports, consumer information, profit breakdowns and product ID numbers.

Hardware and software are also important in any successful MIS, the former of which refers to the machinery or equipment used to hold the data being consolidated and manipulated. If it’s a manual system you are using, you may store information in a filing cabinet or safe of some description; for an electronic equivalent of this, you will probably hold information in a computer database or suchlike. Software, on the other hand, describes the programs and applications that a system runs on.

People are also essential to the smooth running of a management strategy of this kind. Across a business, people will have different roles and responsibilities depending on their level of authority. For example, a director may instruct the supervisor in charge of the operation about what to tell the operatives, the people who actually use and run the system, to do.

Finally, but certainly no less important than any of the other key features detailed and described above, is the idea of communication between different levels of the system. Those operating the system will communicate with those who collect the data about sales or profits, who will then tell them how to manipulate and use the information to produce detailed reports on future sales or profit predictions, for instance.
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Management information system deals with controlling the applications of the people, documents of the company, technology, procedures, and information available to the company. It is a subset of the internal control of a company and it helps the management to monitor and control the information available to the management. Management information system is also aimed to automate the access to information which may increase the efficiency of making decisions for example expert system, execution information systems. Therefore, the dependence of management over management information system has increased over the period of time.
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Key elements of information systems
Data: Must be accurate, subject to its cost and timescale for capture and it should be stored in the most logical way.
People: People involved both in capturing the data and in utilizing the information.
Hardware: In small organization, the MIS may run on just the sales or the finance PC. In large organization, it usually runs on a server, shared or dedicated, with internet or intranet access for those who used it. It is unusual to required specialized hardware.
Software: The simplest MIS can be built using standard software. However the most MIS use specialized software.
The developer configure the software by developing the database and its structure, where the data come from ,how to summarize the data and what standard queries will be required.
The cost of the software varies widely. The cheapest offers limited function for one PC. The most expensive is highly functional, providing high performance and may feature for hundreds or thousands of users and vast amounts of data.
Telecommunication: MIS may be delivered across the internet, and according to this they need some of security .And many MIS are delivered across an intranet within a company's firewall for protection form competitors and other seeking this valuable management information. Occasionally, a dedicated telecommunication network is used to provide the highest security.
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Key Elements of a management information system are

data, people, hardware, software, telecommunications,
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