What Type Of Doctor Is Paid The Highest Salary?


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Some strange answers on this post, I work as a Nuerosurgeon in Tampa, Florida and you shouldn't be worried about pay, you need to be worried about debt. After medical school you need to pay off ( at least I had to pay off ) $120,000 on a student loan. I was basically paying a mortgage before I'd ever owned anything worth more than 10,000 ( besides my brain of course ;) which is worth $120,000 thx to school ) anyways I was about to pay off my student loan in approximately 18 months as a proffesional Neurosurgeon. The thing is, you get paid more as you attain more experience in-field. My first month pay check I'd ever gotten was a humble 18,400 at the end of the year I'd earned little over 200,000. If it's any constelation after 12 years of experience in my proffesion I earned $73,375 on my first pay check of this year ( I got this on the last day of Jan. ).
I've met many  cardiologist and one of them made a little over $1,200,000 last year but he's  57 and has been doing this for a long time probably about 34 years now. I've also met a Nuerosurgeon in the USAF ( United States Air Force ) he worked with them for some 16 years before retiring. He now recieves a pension every year. He has permenant Health/Dental and he never had a single college loan because the Air Force pays for medical school. Before he retired he made ( in service ) $1,700,000 annually how you ask? He was a O-7 AKA Brigadier General which is the one star.  He wasn't always a Surgeon in the air force, he used to fly a
B-52 bomber but then decided he would rather save peoples lives then end them ( or rather save peoples lives who will then in turn kill others ).
In any case I believe whatever proffession you prefer, if you have an annual sallary of +$200,000 then it doesn't matter  if you make $ 1 million or a fifth of that ( $200,000 ) because after 10 years of it you'll have massed up a large amount of money that you'll find isn't the hardest thing to just *spend*.
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I have a question for you. Do you think it is worth it to go to college for such a long time to get this well-payed job? Also can you tell me just about neurosurgery as I am very interested in it.
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Normally cardiovascular surgeons as well as neurologist's make the same money, "but" neurologist do end up making more money dew to their professional field their on. Thus making the most money, rating up to the half milion. Maybe even actually making a million. Cardiologist maybe rating from 500,000-644,000$
Remember the field of medicine is to help patients, also because you like it.
So you want to have the greatest impact in the patients life. And you see at
end of the day the the effect you've had on that patient in a big and dramatic
way,, then neurosurgery is your field
it has all the fundamentals, in technical scale, innovation, and through knowledge based.
So if your that type of person that has these fundamentals, then again this is your field
in medicine.
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No brain surgeons get paid the highest of of all the doctors they get paid about 500,000- 650,000 a year
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Dental Hygienist Hourly Salary in the U.S Dental Hygienists earns an hourly wage of $35.05. Hourly wages typically start $24.46 to $48.16.Dental Hygienist Salary Yearly in the U.S Dental Hygienists earns a salary of $72,910 yearly. Salaries typically start from $50,870 and go up to $100,170.

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Well it's hard to tell which type of doctor gets the highest amount of pay as all doctors earn well, and normally the salary system for doctors varies from country to country.

But its is believed that super specialist in cardiology who are known as cardiologist and deal with the disorders of the heart and blood vessels are said to earn the highest amount of salary. A doctor also known as physician basically is an individual who practices certain type of human biological medicine.

Physician or doctors have customarily thought to be associates of a learned profession, due to the widespread training which is compulsory and also because of the professions extraordinary principles and legal duties. In America the expression, physician is often applied to depict any medical doctor who posses the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.
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No heart surgeons get paid the most!!!
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This is a very difficult question to answer. But inevitably cardio and neuro dept. Make the most money. Even plastic surgery is quite profitable if it involves cosmetics. There is one one department that is some how overlooked but is what I believe the highest paid one. The hepatobillay or renal or cardiac transplant surgeon .they have to spend the most time in med school six years in med school, 3 yr for general surgery, 3 yr for gastro intestinal surg or urology or CTS, and another 2 for transplant fellowship. This is definitely more years to specialize than any other specialty, so in thinking the more time spend accumulating debts the more you earn in the end.
Please talk in this forum only if you know what  you are talking about.
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Heart surgeons get paid about $10,000 a weak which is about $500,000 dollars a year.
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Heart surgeons do get paid well after all they deal with the heart remember its the organ that pumps blood around the body
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Surgeons who operate on the spine can make more money than brain surgeons and hear surgeons.
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No... A Donkey Doctor gets paid the most
  100,000,000 more donkeys per year
not thats a lot .. Mother Fka

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