What Is The Highest Paid State For Teachers?


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According to ‘’, the highest paying state for a teacher is California, with the average salary being $59,825, this is closely followed by Connecticut where the average is $59,304. This is then followed by Illinois at $58,686, New Jersey at $58,156 and New York at $57,354. The website admits that it is difficult to find accurate beginning and average salaries for teachers by state as it does vary considerably from school to school and also within the state. The lowest average salary is in South Dakota and is $34,709, followed by North Dakota at $37,764, West Virginia at $38,284, Oklahoma at $38,772 and Montana at $39,832.
The website also looks at ‘salary comfort’. The cost of living varies dramatically from state to state so Salary Comfort takes into account the cost of living when compared to the teacher’s salary. In Hawaii for example, the teachers are 15th best paid in the country but they are at the bottom of the list for ‘Salary Comfort’ because while they are paid more than average, the cost of living in Hawaii is much higher so these teachers will have the smallest disposable income in the country. Illinois is at the top of the list with salary comfort, followed by Delaware, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and then Ohio.
Connecticut has the highest starting salary for a new teacher and it is $39,259. Alaska is the second with an average of $38,657 followed by New Jersey at $38,408. Illinois is fourth with $37,500 and this is followed by New York with $37,321.
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According to a press release sent out in March this year, the highest average for 2004-5 was in Connecticut, at $57,760. Before that the highest pay was in California, which is still the second highest. (The lowest pay is in South Dakota, by the way. If you want to compare state salaries for yourself, here is a US map where you can click on individual states to get teacher salary details.
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California pays teachers the most, but it also costs the most to live there.
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Connecticut is by far the highest. Best case scenario, you live in Rhode Island (lower cost of living) and teach in CT. That's the closet to rock star a teacher can get!
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Teachers are paid just fine, don't listen to all the crap..  For example, I've been teaching in S. Cali for 10 years, my base salary is about $75.  Add to that about $ 5 Gs for summer school and extra duty pay (Home/hospital/sub on prep, coaching) another $ 7-10, and you're doing okay.
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CT has the southeast region, that skews the data. The southeast corner, and the few very well off counties, bring the average up. Most of CT makes less than the data suggests.

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