What Is The Highest Paid Trade To Be In?


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Well I think the service industry is the highest paid sector. There are many sectors which can be beneficial to do business in. every trade can be highest paid it depends on the manager or the person who is running that business or doing trade. It also depends upon the country of origin you are living or working in. Every country has its own culture resources and strengths. Some countries are rich in natural resources so they can get more benefit by these sectors. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry or trade is the more profitable and highest paid activity in our country.

Because the country is basically agriculture based so this dependent on the circumstances and activities you carry for doing business or trade. In some countries who have rich oil resources, in those countries the highest paid trade is oil trade with other countries because the oil prices are increasing day by day so this is good for their economy and they are making good money. If you are doing trade in technology then it can be highly paid because if you deal with those who have really need for it and do not have that much resources so that they can fulfil their industry needs.

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