How Much Money Does A US Soldier In Iraq/Afghanistan Get Per Month?


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In 2006 the lowest rate of pay for an enlisted (private) soldier in the US army was $1178.10 per month according to the army website. This was for new recruits with less than 4 months experience. After four months it went up by about $100 a month.

For soldiers entering a combat zone like Iraq or Afghanistan, there is an additional $225 per month "hazardous duty pay." This is not subject to federal taxes although it could be subject to state taxes. There are also other possible payments such as Family Separation Allowance, which depend on the individual soldier's circumstances.

If you click here you will find that yours is one of the most frequently asked questions on the site. You can also get a link to a page showing you the various pay scales for different ranks.
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In 2010 according to Pakistan USA-Army soldier in Afghanistan is earning 91000pkr per month with extra facilities including free mess and journey.If a soldier remains for 3 months in Afghanistan he can visit anywhere for 3 month in world free with all expenses paid by USA Gov't.May America live long.I love America.I love America.,

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