What Are All The Questions I Can Use In Aptitude Test?


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Aptitude test is to check your level of talent and mindset, It is not designed to test memory. All of the questions are usually in multiple choice queries form. You must select one true answer from the four most relevant answers given as choices. Aptitude tests may comprise of English synonyms or antonyms queries.

Synonyms are words which have the same meanings as the given words while antonyms are the words which have the opposite meaning to the original word. You may have grammatical English problems in this test. Other queries can be like those of direct and indirect English passages, active passive passages and so on and so forth. You can also have some comprehension sort of queries but they are up to the choice of examiner either he want to test the comprehension skills or not.

Other queries can be of other types like general knowledge, knowledge of your country and religion. You may have some queries regarding everyday science but it is again up to the examiner. Other queries can be of mathematical technical things. You may have to solve simple mathematical equations. Some other queries can be there but it is better to check out the past papers of the aptitude test if you are planning to take the test.

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