What Are The Types Of Test One Should Expect In The Schlumbeger Aptitude Test When Recruiting Trainee Engineers?


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Schlumberger is involved in the oil and gas industry. They actually provide the technology and services that the energy companies use at various stages of the extraction and processing processes.

Due to the nature of aptitude tests, there is no list of what to expect. Part of the aim is to test how you deal with situations 'on-the-fly'. However, recent advertisements for trainee engineering vacancies at Schlumberger have given a few details. The aptitude tests include a 'team game, a hands-on mechanical aptitude test, a mechanical written test and another interview'.

Mechanical aptitude tests tend to be small puzzles relating to mechanical type problems. Of course, as a trainee engineer, you are going to be taught how to deal with specific problems that Schlumberger engineers encounter, but you also need to have the capability to understand the basic principles involved.

The aptitude tests are only one part of the recruitment process. It is important to ensure that you are also prepared for the interview to enable you to promote yourself in the nest possible way, even if you feel that you may not have performed particularly well in the aptitude tests.

Good luck!
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