What Are The Different Types Of Promotion Methods?


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Marketers have at their disposal  four major methods of promotion. Taken together these comprise the promotion  mix. In this section a basic definition of each method is offered while in the  next section a comparison of each method based on the characteristics of  promotion is presented.    Advertising – Involves non-personal; mostly paid promotions  often using mass media outlets to deliver the marketer’s message. While  historically advertising has involved one-way communication with little  feedback opportunity for the customer experiencing the advertisement, the  advent of computer technology and, in particular, the Internet has increased  the options that allow customers to provide quick feedback.    Sales Promotion – Involves the use of special short-term  techniques, often in the form of incentives, to encourage customers to respond  or undertake some activity. For instance, the use of retail coupons with  expiration dates requires customers to act while the incentive is still valid.    Public Relations – Also referred to as publicity, this type  of promotion uses third-party sources, and particularly the news media, to  offer a favorable mention of the marketer’s company or product without direct  payment to the publisher of the information.    Personal Selling – As the name implies, this form of  promotion involves personal contact between company representatives and those  who have a role in purchase decisions (e.g., make the decision, such as  consumers, or have an influence on a decision, such as members of a company  buying center). Often this occurs face-to-face or via telephone, though newer  technologies allow this to occur online via video conferencing or text chat.
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T.V advertising, sponsorship, offers, billboards, other advertising, anything that promotes a company
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Promotion is the third P of the marketing mix, a pre-eminent and integral channel to communicate to the consumers. Such an eclectic amalgam of activities is this third segment of the marketing mix that just like the marketing mix, there is a promotion mix as well, which is inclusive of both direct and indirect methods to bring the brand communication forward to the target market and shape the positioning of the brand and the company.

Precisely, there are two types of promotion methods. One set of methods deals with the direct mode of promotion while the other strategy aims for the oblique and indirect methods.

The direct methods are inclusive of some of the most conventional and well-known methods, the most popular of which is advertising. Then follows personal selling (used mostly in pharmaceutical companies), publicity, attractive displays (kiosks), special event sales and manufacturer's aids.

Coming to the indirect styles of promotion, they are the more unconventional and not so popular yet effective methods. In the recent years, these methods have managed to reach a large number of target audiences in a cost-effective manner. These indirect methods of communication include public relations, customer relations, customer services, product styling and packaging and community goodwill.
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It depende on your type of your business and religion of your consumer
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A Marketing plan is based on the Marketing Mix. And marketing mix is the mixture of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Since this marketing mix ingredients are regarded as the 4 pillars of marketing. Without them no strategy is successful. In product section the product design, features, packaging and quality is decided and later on when the product is prepared the marketer comes to the pricing stage where price is decide and in placement the product is made available to the market. Now this whole process is done but how will the consumer know the product that can fulfil its demand is made available to the market.
Now here comes the promotion part of the product. Some times companies do the promotion first in order to create suspense and curiosity to use the product and after few days the product is delivered to the market by distributing channel.
In Promotion part of the Marketing Mix companies make sure that they are in direct contact with their customers. As promotion involves the publicity techniques like advertising the product both in print and TV media through ads, Using billboards and hoardings to promote your product. Door to door promotion in which the company's representative visits the houses and communities and sell the product to the consumers on low cost and even free to use the product. Since posters pasting, wall hanging cards are also included in promotion technique. Personal Relations, Direct contact with the customers, using your distribution channel for the product promotion are also some of the good and effective methods of Promotion.
Stronger the promotional campaign is the higher the margin of success is or else vice versa.
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It depends on the population in that area and the budget that can be spend one the promotion

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