What Are The Different Methods Of Teaching About Paraphrasing?


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A paraphrase of a sentence is usually the same length as the original sentence, but in your own words. Just as in the case of quotations, paraphrases too should be used sparingly. There has to be a distinct balance between thoughts of other scholars and your original ideas.

Paraphrasing is an indispensable tool in essay writing because it allows you to include other people's ideas, without cluttering your original matter with too many quotations. This helps you remain in greater control of your essay matter. Whenever you paraphrase, remember these two very important points:
1. You must always provide a reference.
2. The paraphrase must be entirely in your own words. You should attempt more than just substitute phrases. You must also alter the sentence structure completely.

The following strategy will help to make the job of paraphrasing a lot easier for you:
1) Initially, when you come across a passage that may be useful for your essay, do not copy it word for word, unless you want to quote it.
2) Always make a note of the author's basics only. You don't even have to use full sentences.
3) You should translate the language of the original matter into your own words. You need to capture the original idea.

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