Starting With Your Last Job, Can You Tell Me About Any Of Your Achievements That Were Recognized By Your Superiors?


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There are a lot of achievements that I can count on over here but is it of any value if I talk about the achievements that I achieved and my employer have praised the attributes. What I would like to talk about are the common attributes that employers look for in a person and if you imbue in yourself these qualities, you are expected to do well in your career.

The first quality that is important is that you should be a disciplined man and always be the first to respond to any need that has been arisen in your office. But it is not enough for you just to do your work well but also you have to make sure that the HR person and a few people who are at strategic positions are noticing you contributions and it may work well in your favour.

So go ahead and work well along with refining your public relation skills.

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