What Are Your Current Achievements?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Been with the same man for nearly 26 years!! That is an achievement in itself. Raising our 4th child, she wants to be a hero, and she recently did that, because she noticed the neighbours house was on fire and ultimately saved the dogs that resided in that house, the owner was at work. She felt so great after that.
Muhammad Abdullah786 Profile
Recently I have completed my fashion and textile designing course. After that we had an exhibition to display our work. When people came there and appreciate my work I felt really honoured and it boosted a lot of confidence in me to promote my work. When people came there and buy the stuff painted and designed by me and got some orders, that movement I felt as if I am top of the world; I have achieved my goal. I will never be able to forget that movement in life.

If you have some skills and by using them you get good response it will build confidence in yourself that you can do something. I gave all the credits to my teachers who helped me a lot during my courses, and also during exhibition. They provided everything which I needed during all the procedure. Then my parents support was also there. When my parents saw that I have great interest in designing, they advised me to specialize in fashion department and I applied in an international university, luckily I got admission and now I am planning to go there. Before going there, I am also planning for my second exhibition.

Go ahead; don't be afraid of hurdles during your journey. Work with dedication and honesty then no one can stop you to reach up to your destination.

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