What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions At An Interview?


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There are a number of F.A.Q's or Frequently Asked Questions at interviews for job or college application. However, it is important to know that job interviews are different depending upon the type of job

Some of the most obvious questions relate to you and the job, such as:

Why did you decide to apply for this post?
Why have you decided to leave your old position?
How has your previous work experience qualified you for this position?
How will you ensure that your targets are met?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why should we give you this position?
Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Can you give an example of when you used your initiative in a work environment situation?
What are your salary expectations?
Do you have any questions for us? (Make sure that you do have some, but not too many and not just about salary!)
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There can be many types of questions and answers for job interviews. Interrogation is the modus operandi to check your mental level for a job. It is up to the type of job and standard of organization. But in general some of the questions are very common, which are supposed to be asked during job interviews. They use to ask about your introduction, so one should make an impressive introductory speech or whatever.

Another question that is common during job interviews is about your education. You need to be adept on whatever you have studied and whatever your qualification is. They may ask anything from it to test your mind.

They will also ask about your previous experience of jobs, so you should have a summarized paragraph to put forward at that time. Always share the positive points from the past job experiences. Very important thing that comes to the mind of questioner during and interview is that, why the other person is going to leave the old job and applying for this new job. So, you must know that is it a good salary, good environment, good people or which ever the thing may be, which is compelling you to go for this new job.
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Brahmani Manogna , Btech Graduate (ECE), answered

Frequently asked questions in an interview are,

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • What are your projects?
  • Any working experience?
  • How come you came to this interview?
  • Why do you prefer this organisation?
  • What are your short term goals?
  • What is your long term goal?
  • How you will manage the team?

Likewise the interviewer asks questions, you should be in a situation and ready to answer gently.

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