What Is The Limitation Of Administrative Management Theory?


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Administrative management theory is studied widely in a number of business and management disciplines. It is a theory which is based on whole organizations as opposed to those which focus on individuals and sections of staff. Although, it is a well regarded and much studied approach, the administrative management theory does not come without its flaws and negative aspects as with most other theoretical approaches.

There are many authors who have written about this field, the information can be found in most management books as well as online. As with most theories each author will have their own way of interpreting the theory and will view its strengths and weaknesses differently.

Here are some examples of the general limitations and weaknesses of the approach in question:

Too general - This approach can be viewed as too general and not focussed enough on individuals. This is due to its concentration on organizations as a whole rather than individuals and particular areas.

Vague - Some of the individual points involved in this theory can be vague and possibly unachievable. For example, stable group of employees. This is good advice in theory but how realistic and achievable is it in the real world. How does a company ensure that it has a stable group of staff and is it possible to keep staff without over spending on wages, bonuses and holidays?

Cost - Putting into practice all of the factors associated with this theory would be time consuming. In general, a company would have to be assessed first to understand what should be changed and how this would help. This process could be time consuming and cost the company more money than it is worth.

There are many other factors involved in this theory; both strengths and weaknesses. A number of theorists have released work in this area and can offer up their professional opinions in their work. These authors include Chester Barnard, Oliver Sheldon and Max Weber.

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