What Are Some Of The Weakness Of People In Workplace?


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Gossiping, jealousy, spreading of rumours,boredom, low wages, personal problems, insecurity in the job are some of the weaknesses of people.
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Sadia Batool answered
People have different types of weaknesses. It is better to try to cover your weakness instead of highlighting it. Weaknesses are there in every person. Nobody is flawless. We all have some sorts of troubles in this regard.
Those weaknesses which can be considered according to workplace are as under: We feel our self under somebody else's pressure. This makes us feel uncomfortable. We feel like somebody is watching me and we should be very active all the time. Another thing is that we feel tired all the time which also makes us slow. We act slowly and give inefficient responses to our boss. Our efficiency will not be counted if we ever acted inefficiently.
We try to look like normal but our confused face and stupid actions disproves our efficiency and normal outlook. We fail to wear decent clothes. It is bad to look indecent but what to do if we are not looking decent guys. We try to improve English but at times we fail to develop good reports. It is important that our reports prove our efficiency and hard work. All the best!

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