What Is The Difference Between Job-context Factors And Job-content Factors?


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For an individual to succeed at his job or an organization to reap the optimum level of performance out of the individual, it is paramount for the individual as well as the organization to incorporate motivation techniques that will encourage the worker to be of maximum utility and minimum cost. To instill that motivation within the mindset of the individual worker, there are certain factors that help in instigating that certain level of motivation that an individual needs to bring out the best of his potential. These factors are further divided into two categories, namely job-content factors and job-context factors.

Job-content factors are those factors for which the individual is responsible. In other words, those factors that are internally controlled such as achievement, responsibility and the quality of work itself, are termed job-content factors.

As for job-context factors, they are those factors, which are externally controlled – that is the organization is responsible for controlling those factors. Such factors include job security, salary, benefits, promotions etc.

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