How To Request Contract Extension For A Job?


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You should call the contact person for your new potential employer, in regards to informing them of your receipt of the job offer. You should express your continued interest in the job position, and also express appreciation for the consideration of yourself. You should then determine which means of communication is best to reach this person.

You’ll then need to send a one-page letter to the employer after your phone call, which the first part thanking them for their time and interest. You should then discuss the general criteria that you will use to make your final decision on a job offer. You also need to ask what the deadline and timetables are for employee decisions from the contact person, and ask for the date on which HR department will rescind its job offer, in favour of any of the other candidates. You should then write these dates down and remember them.

Also provide a specific reason for the deadline extension you require, to everybody that is involves. These people need to know about the issue immediately, and you can tell your contact person to keep the reasons confidential if they are personal.

You’ll also need to contact your employer with your decision about the job offer, and you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to submit acceptance or refusal. Employees who get in touch last minute may provide a bad impression on their new employer.

Finally, you’ll need to thank your new employer for the position they have provided you and for accepting the fact that you need more time to make your decision. Employers will usually be understanding if they’re really keen to start working with you, so make sure that you show how appreciative you are and how keen you are to work with them.

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