What Is The Difference Between A Career And A Job?


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Traditionally, the meaning of 'career' is more long-term than 'job'. To demonstrate, you could have many jobs within a career, but you would not have many careers within a job. A career can encompass a whole field of work. If publishing is your career, you might move up from editorial assistant, to staff writer, to managing editor, to editor-in-chief. Any of these posts could be considered a job within your career.

When interviewing for a job, it's important to keep in mind the long-term goals for your career. Does the job fit well into your career plans? Often a job can be a 'stepping stone' that helps you to meet your ultimate goals. For instance, assistant teaching is preparation for work as a teacher. Keeping your career aims in mind can certainly make 'starter' jobs seem more enjoyable. The correlation between 'job' and 'career' is important to remember.

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