What Is The Objective Of Housekeeping?


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To secure long-term employment as a housekeeper where I can utilize my organizational skills and housekeeping expertise to improve my client's living conditions
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A housekeeper is someone who does a bit
more than a traditional maid service. House keeper’s can go to the
grocery store for you, run errands, and of course also clean and tidy up
your home (laundry, dishes,dusting, cleaning) .

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I think, the main objective of housekeeping is to keep the house ordered - in terms of cleanliness, health wise, presentable home, keep everything in the places. When the term cleanliness comes including all these work, you need to operate faster. It will be best to use best hardwood floor vacuum for faster cleaning. Clean the floor , the furniture. Clean the kitchen to have an hygienic food, it will help for good health. Open the window to pass the air and feel fresh. Clean the toilet and use air freshener their. Keep books at book shelves, cloths at wardrobe, keep bed nit and clean.

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Housekeeping is the foundation stone of all facility management services.

A good housekeeper provides the client with a wide variety of professional services and takes on the responsibilities of cleaning, laundry, cooking and running errands. Each organization is unique therefore the duties and responsibilities are also diversified.

We take pride in providing customized housekeeping solutions to our clients.

At times full-time Housekeeping staff will work on a ‘live-in’ basis and are provided with a room and meals. This service is provided at locations which are open 24/7.  Your property should look neat and clean no matter when the customer walks in.

Typically the housekeeping staff is trusted with the following responsibilities in a corporate setting.

  • Preparing breakfast and cleaning kitchen and breakfast room
  • Keeping refrigerator clean and discarding out-of-date items
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Tidying and cleaning bathrooms and working areas
  • Cleaning unused spaces on a less frequent basis
  • Keeping facades clean
  • Cleaning windows inside
  • Collecting, washing, ironing and returning laundry to the appropriate place. Hand  washing delicate items
  • Managing the wardrobe
  • Arranging dry-cleaning
  • Answering door and telephone
  • Maintaining Landscape
  • Keeping patios, pathways, and steps clean and tidy
  • Watering household plants and flower arranging
  • Carrying out weekly grocery shopping
  • Handling petty cash and debit cards
  • Dealing with tradesmen, suppliers, and contractors
  • Managing security alarms
  • Carrying out any other tasks that the employer may reasonably ask
  • Managing stationary and other inventories

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Housekeeping is not a simple process for almost every person. But the connection with the qualified company makes everything easier. That is the reason why a lot of people use such way of work.

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The objective of housekeeping is to improve the living conditions, and I can tell you that it's really important. It's actually something I spend almost all my free time on, and I don't regret it because it's all worth it. When I can take some rest, I just watch sports matches and place bets with, and I can tell you that's enough for me.

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To get the house clean. In hotel and motel ownership, the objective of housekeeping is to insure the cleanliness and order of all rooms, the restrooms, restaurant area and the lobby.    We Buy Mortgage Notes!

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