What Verb Tense Should Be Used In CVs?


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If you are writing about your past work experience, achievements, awards received or any other qualifications you may have, you should list these in the past tense. That having been said, do remember that it is much better to be brief and too the point when you are writing a CV, so try to avoid providing long, detailed sentences.

In most cases, you should simply use point form. For example, if you are wrote that you worked as a librarian, you could list among the duties that you "created a database of the collection." If you are no longer at this work place, you must write this in the past tense.

If you are listing your current employment and you are mentioning your duties and responsibilities, you should write this in the present tense. In either case, it is important that you remain consistent and be sure that you are not mixing your tenses in a single sentence.
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Normally is used in 3 times : Present future and past

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