How Do You Make CV Of M.Sc.Microbiology (fresher)?


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Hello I am student of M.Sc. Microbiology and I am waiting for my result and tomorrow there is campus interview so I don't know how to make my CV?
So pleases help me
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No matter what your qualifications are and what type of job you want to secure, the basic guidelines for making a resume will remain unchanged. In order to be able to get a job the first and foremost objective that you need to achieve is to convince the employer to grant you time for an interview. You need to leave a mark on the employer, with the help of your CV and be able to get your foot inside the door of the company. This is the purpose which your resume is supposed to serve. And the most interesting fact is that most employers do NOT even read the resumes they receive in response to job applications!! They just scan these resumes. And it only takes the employer 30 seconds to do so. Therefore, your task as hand is to impress the employer and secure yourself an interview with the employer of the company in the very brief span of a mere 30 seconds.

First of all, to make a resume, you need to choose a format for it:
Your resume can be:
1. Chronological Resume
2. Functional Resume or
3. Combination Resume
As a microbiologist, you need to highlight your qualification, so that it will catch the eye of the reader immediately. Since you do not have any experience and are a fresh graduate, your focus should be on your academic achievements, as well as any voluntary tasks you may have achieved.

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