What Is WBS And How Many Approaches Are There To Build The WBS?


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WBS stands for Work Break down Structure. It is the hierarchical description of work according to Project Overview Statement (POS) that must be done to complete the project. You must know about the three main terms task, activity and work package. Activity is a chunk of work and task is the smaller chunk of work or activity is divided in to tasks. A work package is a complete description about how the tasks and activities will actually be done. Work package also include the description of how, when, who and what of the work. Work Break down Structure (WBS) works into a hierarchy of tasks, activities and work packages.

Work Break down Structure (WBS) is for estimating the duration of project, estimating the required resources and schedules the work. Wreak Break down Structure (WBS) is a thought process. Its helps the project manager and other team members know how the work of the project can be manage effectively. Work Break down Structure (WBS) is the design, planning and project status reporting tool. There are two different approaches for building Work Break down Structure (WBS) for the project; Noun Types approaches and Verb Types approaches. In Noun types approach products are involve in the building the Work Break down Structure (WBS). In verb type approach different methodology involve in project development are used in the building of Work Break down Structure (WBS).

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