What Are The Approaches To Study Public Administration?


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Public administration is a discipline which is directly related to the profession of government management and administration. This discipline has become a popular area of study and teaches both general administration tasks and specific tasks relating to the role of public administrator or manager.

There are many different approaches, which can be used to understand and study public administration, including:

• Philosophical approach

• Behavioural approach

• Structural approach

• Historical approach

• Mechanical approach

When studying public administration, most educational establishments will cover most of or at least a small selection of these approaches. It is important for an individual studying public administration to get a firm grasp of the different approaches. This will enable them to make informed choices in their own perspectives and to help them decide on the correct way for them to work in the future.

For these reasons understanding the positives and negatives of a number of different approaches is highly important especially for those who intend to go on to work in the profession. Different approaches appeal /work better for different people; it is pretty much a matter of individual preference as to which is put in place.

Learning to understand these approaches will enable individuals to go into the industry having a good knowledge of different approaches which they may be expected to have to use and also give them ideas about how changes could be made. The wider your knowledge on these approaches the better chance you have of finding a one which is best suited to the individual requirements of the job you end up in.
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Approaches to the study of public administration
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There is the managerial approach,legal approach and political approach

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