Can You Describe The Architecture Of The Sydney Opera House?


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The concrete ribs forming the walls of each shell taper from a very narrow point at ground contact, Expanding as they rise upward, and they also curve inward to form both the roof and the wall. The basic wall and roof pattern resembles what one sees when looking at the blades of an expanded hand-operated fan.

Over 1,000,000 ceramic tiles provide the outer covering for the concrete structure. Some of The tiles are glossy white, And some have a cream finish. The massive off-white superstructure is accentuated even more by being situated on a 600-foot (180-meter) podium or foundation area made of pinkish-colored granite and fronted by what is claimed to be the largest exterior staircase in use anywhere.

Since the official opening, over 6,000,000 patrons have enjoyed thousands of performances here. High has been the praise of the exquisite location and the fascinating beauty of the design. The acoustics of the performance halls are generally agreed to be on a par with the best in the world. One musician said of the Concert Hall: "We have to be so careful what we play hereā€”the acoustics are so good."

Each hall is designed acoustically so that the sound will neither be distorted nor need amplification. However, a sophisticated sound system is incorporated in each hall. When needed, this system evenly distributes sound to all seats undistorted and with equal intensity. For acoustic reasons, there are no carpets on the floors of the two large halls. When a person sits down or gets up, he will hardly make a noise. This is because all seats are hydraulically controlled.

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