In Interviews, If They Ask Why Did We Choose Their Company, How Should We Answer Them?


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Lupe Olivia answered
Prior to your interview you should take the time to "learn" about the Co. and tell them how you were impressed by the Company's accomplishments, or how they have stayed in business during these hard times with the economy, you have a friend that works for them and he/she always talks about how great it is to work for them or simply tell them you want to work for them because they do what you are good at and you feel you would be an asset to their company. Good luck!
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Brahmani Manogna , Btech Ece, answered

We can expose as,

I find myself best about this company as its a good beginning to work with this MNC company. It gives good experience if I work with this company as the employees have good skills, so that I can improve my skills here.

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