What Levels Of Language Skills Can Be In CV?


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Fluent or near fluent language skills can be mentioned in a CV.

  • Two or three words
If you know only two or three words of a language you are better off not mentioning language skills. This is because you may be able to say hello, but the rest of the words are unknown. You cannot actually carry on a conversation with a person in another language.

  • Notable Phrases
Even if you know how to say "where is the bathroom?" or "how much does this cost?" and others it will be helpful; however, you still cannot carry on a conversation. You may be able to answer the question in a store such as how much something is, but you still do not have a good level of language skills in comparison to those who are fluent or have enough to carry on a basic conversation.

  • Fluency
It is really best if you have fluency in a language to mention it on a CV. If you feel two levels of a language have offered you enough for a basic introduction conversation though, you may mention it on the CV. You do need to qualify it. For example, if you say "I have reached second year French" it lets the person know that you have some French but that you are not fluent. They may ask you to read certain phrases or have an introduction conversation and know that you are limited.

  • Conversation level
It is best to not mention the foreign language skills on a CV unless they are at least conversational or readable. In other words, if you can read a book, document or other written form and get the gist you should mention language skills. If you can carry on more than an introduction conversation it should be mentioned.

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Be sure to mention if you are fluent in the spoken language and your grade for writing the language.

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