Can You Give Me Objectives For My Resume As As Service Crew?


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Service crew is a group of people working in a restaurant or fast food outlet.

• Resume Objective
Something like this should begin your resume:

"To gain entry into a progressive company to gain further experience and life skills. This will allow me to become a more effective individual, permitting me a greater contribution to a company's services and success."

Anything that pertains to pleasing the customers and making service better, more efficient or more enjoyable for the customer is also very pertinent here.

• List of previous posts held.
Obviously, people will want to know your previous experience and how applicable it is to the position they are offering you. As such, list every job you have previously held, the position you occupied, the length of time you held it for, and so on.

• Skills
Clearly your interviewers will need to know whether you are suitable for the job, and your skills here may make all the difference. List your abilities to serve food, the foods you have made, your interpersonal skills for dealing with the public, and so on.

• Training and Seminars.
This will allow you to show your accredited competencies in your field of work. You should be aware that you may be asked to back up any claims you make for this section, just as much as any of the others, so if you have any certificates or documentation, be prepared to either append it to the resume or take it with you if you have an interview.

• Referees.
Resume need backing up with references or referees. Should you have poor references, there is very little you can do. Good referees should be highlighted by putting them first, allowing the interviewer to more or less see what you want them to see.
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To be part of your good and progressive company and share my knowledge and industry for our success
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To join in a progressive company whom I can contribute my knowledge abilities that I've learned in my expedition.

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