What Qualifications Are Needed To Become A Support Worker?


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The good news for aspiring Support Workers in the health industry is that there are no mandatory educational prerequisites for entry positions beyond a high school diploma.  As you might expect, previous experience such as volunteer work will give you an edge with most organizations.  There are, however, any number of training classes and certification programs you can take to improve your job knowledge and make you a more desirable candidate to prospective employers.

More and more, employers are stipulating for and giving preference to applicants possessing credentials for successful completion of certain classes through an accredited, reputable school.

In the U.K. The base qualification is normally a high school diploma or GED but could extend to requesting a technical program certificate, two year associate’s program or four year bachelor’s degree.  In Canada, a PSW (Personal Support Worker) certificate is often requested.  U.S.A. Jobs may require an associate/bachelor degree or CNA certification, depending on the position.

At the same time, you should be aware that this type of work requires very specific personal characteristics in its practitioners, i.e. Empathy, compassion, patience, confidence, flexibility, optimism and a nonjudgmental attitude.  Strong communication skills and a sense of humour can also be vital to your long term success in this field.  You must enjoy working with people, which seems obvious but is something to consider when you may often be dealing with them in stressful situations.

It could be useful to "interview” two or three of the organizations you would consider working for, and establish what their expectations are, as well as what opportunities they can offer you for further training and advancement.   On the job training may be available in some cases for otherwise suitable candidates lacking qualifications.  It’s always worthwhile to ask.
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You don't need any formal qualification to be a support worker of work within the care industry. One thing to look out for though, when interviewed for the position any decent company should ask you if you are willing to work towards an nvq or any inhouse training provided by the company themselves. I would steer away from employment that does not offer extensive training programmes.

Good luck
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I want to be a mental health support worker I'm unemployed at the moment can I go to collage for my nvq2
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Only qualification required is that ' you should be willing and capable of supporting the support seeker'.

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