How Does An Employer Get Away With Not Paying An Employee On A Scheduled Payday And Told If They Take Their Pay Anyway They Will Be Fired?


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I went out of town to do some work for my boss while out of town I was beat up and robbed, now the boss says he isn't going to pay me and I owe him 1400.00 What do I do have to do to get payed. The police have statements of what took place and all. The other employee that was there has told a different story but witnesses are on my side
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Like I've told other people on this site, you shouldn't walk to the labor board, you need to RUN there. The Department of Labor is there to help you if you are in need of it. You can't be fired for cashing your paycheck, that would be against the law.

They don't just help you with disputes, but they can help you with bad boss' (like in your case), and sometimes they can help the employer with the employee, if need be.

Go to them, and tell them what you're up against here, and about the other employees. I do believe it might be against the law to be doing business the way he's doing it.

Mind you though, you all need to get together in talking to the board about it. Hope this helps, good luck.
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My husband for a contractor and he would not pay them for there actual hours worked . He would estimated there hours and not pay them for he would always short them on there hours. Never paid for over-time even though they would complete there hours. On there last check he shorted my husband with 6 hrs. And the previous was shorted 5 hrs.

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