How Do I Write A Good CV?


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Writing a CV/Résumé is very easy my dear friend. Since there is no specific format to write a CV. You can write it in our style but few things which are important cannot be changed while writing a CV. Those things are
1.Your career objective
2.Summary of qualification/ education
3.Job experience if any
4.Professional skills
5.Communication skills and languages known and your command over it
6.Individual skills
7.Contact information

Now let's go step by step. In career objective write your aim what you want to do and how can you help a company towards its long term goals achievement.

In Education list the latest degree earned. Do mention the year of passing, Institution name and your grade in it.

Job experience section is necessary because let employers to select and judge your competency. It also portrays that you are not a fresher out of college. You know how to work in office environment and can handle the office dealings.
In professional skills section write your professional skills like your command over computers. Mention certifications or diploma you have earned if any.
In communication skills/ languages section you have to list the languages that you can speak, read, write and understand easily by giving them rating excellent, good, average or fair. List them all even if you can only understand a language and can't speak well. It doesn't matter just list them.
In individual skills section list your individual skill that can you meet the deadlines, are you type of a person who experience leadership? Can you work under a team etc....
In contact information section write your postal/mailing address along with your residence number or mobile number. Because it's the easiest way to reach you.

Remember one thing you have to take good care of the spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also you have to make each section or heading prominent by making them Bold and increasing size.
I hope this will help you to create a good resume or CV.
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When writing a Resume, think of it from your employer's point of view. This helps create an effective CV. The heading of your CV should contain your personal details like Name, Residential address, Email address and Phone number. Make sure you mention the International dialling code if you are applying for a job overseas. The personal profile or the Skill summary section should include your main skills. The CV objective should let your employer know what kind of position you are applying for. Always make sure that you highlight achievements in field related to the position you are looking for. For example if you are looking for a Sales Manger position you may want to highlight your achievements in Sales. Next is the work experience section. It makes sense to mention your work experience before educational qualification if you really have a good record. Or else if you have a strong academic record but not work experience that could be put in before work experience.
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When writing your CV try to tailor it for the job, and focus on actual achievements rather than flowerly speak. It also worth trying to get some impact in the first few line of the page, someone sifting through 100's of CV's will only scan read your CV, so make sure something grabs their attention.

Its also worth considering if your should have a one page CV or a multi-page CV, and again this depends on the type of job you are going for. If it's a job that depends on your technical experience then the more detail you give the better, but if is a job that has 1000's of applicants a high impact one page CV stands less chance of ending up in the bin.
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Grab their attention! You have only a few seconds to make sure your CV is top of the pile.
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It is a simple process, writing a CV. Anyone can do it, but if yours is to stand out, then you must follow certain simple rules and regulations.
First and foremost, use simple language. Do not attempt to use language that will not make sense; all you need to do is state your qualifications for your potential employer. Check and cross check for spelling mistakes and for grammatical errors; nothing can put off a potential employer faster than spelling errors!
Make sure that you have a good paragraph entitled 'Profile' in which you highlight your abilities and other personal details, and how you can use them for your workplace.
Next, list out your responsibilities in that job, your achievements and skills, career-wise, to date, using a simple format. Try to highlight achievements, rather than your responsibilities.
Finally, state your salary expectations, if you want, and add a paragraph on 'References', or state that you will offer references upon request.
This format should enable you to make a good impression on your future employer.
All the Best!
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For a good CV or resume you should first mention your Objective of your life.Then you have to mention about your qualifications and education. Then 3rd comes your experience column,4th about your volunteer experience and then about your personal data like about your religion,CNIC no, ethincity, maritual status.etc. In last if you want to mention about your Skills like about your languages,internet skills and know how about computers and programming languages, like about your management skills. You can also mention in this column about your job related abilities. In last you can mention about your interests. It is not required but there is not wrong in to mention it. you can write in this section about sports,photography, hoteling and many more.
You cannot make experience certificate by yourself. You can ask your organization where you are working that they provide you the experience certificate.
Best Regards
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Answering the above comment: Try to work it out, work backwards from when you left school, and if you can't remember the exact months the approximate it around normal school years. Ask any family or friends to remind you of dates, or look on friends reunited for your school name and look for the names of people in your class. Try to get the dates right as it will look much better to any prospective employer.
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Whatever you do, try to avoid 'gaps' in your CV - periods of time the CV doesn't account for and that may make a prospective employer wonder how hardworking you are.
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With regard to dates, just put the year, they will not be interested in dates, it is just a rough thing to know what you have been doing!
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If you have no work experience, write about other things you have done involving tasks and responsibility, and explain how that related to the job you are applying for. Any personal achievements such as awards, prizes are worth mentioning too if its your first attempt at getting a job.
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CV writing is an art and you have to take a complete tutorial for writing a Cv for yourself. So you can check this website for reference.

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