What Skills Are Required To Be A Good Electrician?


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An electrician's job can be extremely demanding and challenging; however those who have interest in this field may opt for this career, keeping in mind that this job is challenging.

In order to be a good electrician it is first of all important to have good analytical skills, eye hand coordination, patience, good sense of balance, be physically fit and most of all have a good knowledge about electronics. The person should have the capabilities of solving mathematical problems related to electricity and should also be quick and fast at it. They should also have a good color vision, since they will be required to work with so many different colored wires.

Some experts think, people with military backgrounds have a good potential of becoming an electrician that is why they are preferred more in apprenticeship programs. An electrician needs to be licensed too, to start working; however there are different rules for each area. This license is given after passing a test and the person should know about all the codes of the National Electrical Code.

In order to be a good electrician it is very helpful if you periodically take courses on electronics, in order to update your self with the latest trends. This increases the knowledge of an electrician, as well as his skills.
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Easter1982's explanation is on target. I had electricians go through school with me in my electronics class at RCA. I've known a few. Never cheat or take shortcuts on safety, your own or anyone elses.
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The skills required for an good electrician are good analytical skills, eye hand coordination and good knowledge about electronics.
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To be a good electrician, you must have a strong foundation about electricity and most of all the "safety".
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Smoke a whole lot of weed and you'll be fine ;D
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Electrical experts fit and repair electrical circuits and wiring in individuals' homes and organizations. They likewise introduce and keep up electrical hardware, instruments and apparatus.

In the event that you are great with pragmatic work, can take after specialized plans and need a changed occupation, this could be an extraordinary vocation for you.

You'll likewise should be very much sorted out and comprehend the significance of security regulations.

To qualify as a circuit tester you should complete industry-perceived preparing and capabilities. A typical approach to do this is through an apprenticeship.

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First you have some knowledge about electricity...
Then you apply those knowledge in the practical field smartly and carefully
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It all depends upon what level of electrical work you wish to go for. House work can be learned in a very short span whereas commercial and business work needs great amount of training. The International Brotherhood of Electrical workers union is a five year training program for commercial and business work and 2 year program for residential. If you go to trade/vocational school then many states need two to four years of work experience to get a diploma. For this you should be good in maths. Find out the I.B.E.W. Union program in your area and get the best free training. It is a good very career. Keep going and best of luck
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The best qualification for pursuing a career of Electrician is without doubt Apprenticeships for the entry level people.The more famous and acknowledged the employer,the more bright your future chances for getting a good job gets.
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Washington state Labor and industries shows sharing statesIn the state of Washington there are many specialty electricians and a master electrician. As a residential specialty electrician I was required to work in the field, supervised by a licensed residential electrician. The hours I worked were documented by an administrator. At 4000 logged hours I became eligible to test. The test ran 2 hours and consisted of content from the National electrical code Article 70, The Washington state administrative code. To open my own contracting company, I had to take a 6 hour test but there was no pre-work requirement. I was tested on the same two books and had to do 4 load calculations(mathematics) Missing 2 questions was a fail.

To be a commercial electrician you must log 8000 hours and half of them must come from another scope(like residential or industrial)
Here in Washington your apprenticeship can be done through the union or a non-union shop with a starting wage of 9-10 bucks an hour

with good work ethics you get a buck an hour every 3 months until you reach about 16-18.

Then you test and move to 20-22 immediately
Commercial electricians do really well where city jobs run around $38 an hour
I hope this helps
Also remember all states do not acknowledge other states training/certification process
For instance, Washington does not acknowledge California's program I met several Californians move to Washington with more knowledge than Washington Journeymen, and be stuck with apprentice wages , because they did not have the on the job hours properly recorded. Therefor they had to work as apprentices, cut in pay and taking orders from less experienced co workers.
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In order to become an electrician, you will be required to take certain courses during your high school. You may even join apprenticeship programs which provide education related to electricians along with on job training to give you a clear idea about the work of electricity, however you will be asked to sit in a test, so that they can check if you have the right aptitude or not.

Those who succeed in completing the apprenticeship program, qualify to do both maintenance work as well as construction work as an electrician. These programs may last for about 4 years and you must be at least eighteen years of age or above to be enrolled in this program, along with having a high school diploma. These courses that will be taught in an electrician apprenticeship program may include math, electronics, English, blue print reading, first aid practices and physics.

English is necessary because an electrician has to read a lot of manuals which are mostly written in English, thus it is important for him to have good English skills. You will also be trained physically in things such as soldering, usage of cranes and elevators, fire alarm systems and others. During the program you will be trained by professional electricians, with whom you will be given on job training too.
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First you need to take admission in Electrician schools. You may need  a high
  school diploma or G.E.D. You must have
strong math and English skills. You must have passed a test to enroll in an apprenticeship program. You may need 4 years of study to become an electrician. For more details about trainings, programs and other stuff visit this link.
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Can't even spell safety, thats where the attitude comes from. No fear of heights is a plus. Sense of humor isn't a bad trait. Conscientious about his or HER work. Reliable.
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Nothing, do not need to be smart. E's + should do it. If your good with your hands and are enthusiastic and interested in it.
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To be a good electrician you just got to smoke a lot of weed and hope for the best!!

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