What Skills Are Required To Be A Photographer?


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You will require different skills depending on the type of photography in which you want to specialise.

For example, a portrait photographer would benefit from mastering the art of reportage, contemporary and spontaneous photography. They will also benefit from learning how best to manupulate people to better structure and organise a photo shoot.

Album design may also be a key skill to learn - how to retouch and edit images, and streamline workflow through digital software and processes.

Portrait photography might also entail taking photos specifically for promotional literature, which would require a different approach to family portraits, for example.

There is a wide range of skills needed to become a photographer, and the above is but a mere glimpse of what is required for portrait photography alone.


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Ellie Hoe answered
The first and foremost skill required for a photographer is to have cognitive and imaginative skills which could enable him to imagine or sense the situations that can be pictured in camera. He needs to be skillful in using different types of cameras. It is good for him/her to have basic knowledge of light and optics. He/She should know the impact of physical and environmental conditions which can have impact on capturing the picture. He should be skillful in taking photos of not only one object but multiple objects. He should have dynamic personality so that he can focus variety of images and sceneries in his camera.

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