) Prepare The Sample Questionnaire For Conducting Job Analysis. (B) On The Base Of Your Questionnaire Prepare The Sample Document Of Job Description. (C) Prepare The Sample Document Of Performance Evaluation?


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Job analysis is useful to help employers hire the right candidate for a job. Each job analysis is unique and designed according to the position that needs to be filled; ensure you're familiar with the job role before conducting the questionnaire.

Here are some tips on how to put together a successful questionnaire:

  • Avoid using 'Don't know' as an option; as the more information given, the better
  • Make questions easy to understand so respondents don't misinterpret them
  • Leave plenty of space for respondents to add comments
  • Consider an online questionnaire as this is more convenient and environmentally-friendly
A job description is also part of a job analysis and helps potential employees understand what is expected from them in the featured position. Again, you'll need to be familiar with the job position before you put a job description together.

You could start by giving a brief introduction about the company and indicating which department has a vacancy and the name of the position; you should also give a brief outline of why the employee is needed e.g. Our busy Web Operations department is looking for a Production Assistant to help upload content on to our clients' websites.

From there, use short sentences or bullet points to highlight tasks involved in the role e.g. We are looking for someone to: Manage our accounts, help with editing, research and create reports etc.

A performance evaluation helps employers review the areas where the employee is doing well and where they need to improve. Regular performance evaluations help guide employees towards progression and career development.

Here are some things to consider when reviewing employee's performance:

  • Team building - is there a good working relationship with fellow colleagues?
  • Time management - is time used effectively?
  • Professionalism - does the employee show respect to clients, customers and fellow colleagues?

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