Do You Get Paid For Lunch And Breaks On A Normal 8 Hour Work Day?


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Whether you should get paid for lunch breaks during a normal 8 hour day will completely depend on the company you work for and what is in your contract. They will decide if you do get paid for lunch hour.

When you start working for a company, you will have to sign a contract. In this contract there will be all of your terms of employment. Within these terms of employment there will be the information about whether you will be paid for lunch breaks. You should always look at your contract carefully before you sign and make sure that you are happy with the terms your employer is suggesting.

Most employers will pay for the lunch break if the working day is over 8 hours long, you should also be given regular, shorter breaks. These can be anything that will stop you from work and give you time to do something different, such as having a coffee. These are so that you do not develop any physical problems from working. The physical problems that breaks can help avoid are;

  • Deep vein thrombosis, from having your legs in one position for too long without any exercise.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury, this is from making one movement over and over again. Many people get this in their hands and fingers from typing or using a mouse for hours on each day.
  • Visual issues, these can be from looking at a screen for too long. You should always take screen breaks so that you do not cause yourself any damage from focusing on one thing for too long.
  • Lifting issues, lifting for too long or repetitive lifting can cause back issues and you should make sure that you take regular breaks.
You should make sure that you take breaks and your employer should be responsible for ensuring that the breaks you take are enough to reduce the risk of injury.
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I work a 9 hour day and is paid by hour  should I get paid for my lunch hour..???
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If you are scheduled 9-5, a typical 8 hour work day, your two breaks and one lunch, adding up to an hour of not working, should be covered under your normal days pay. If you are only getting payed for working 7 hours on your 8 hour shift, talk to some one in upper management.

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