I was paid 126.00 for working 8 hours how much would I get paid for working 37 hours?


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mohit kawdal answered
Just calculate how much you are getting for 1 hour and then multiple it with the time for which you would get it. So do this,
For 8 hours you gets 126.00    ( you can write it as 8 hours = 126 )
So, for 1 hour you will get 15.75  ( you can write it as 1 hour  = 126/8 )
and for 37 hours you will get 582.75. ( you will have 37 hours = 15.75 * 37 = 582.75 )
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If you're paid a fixed fee of $126 regardless of time worked, that is what you'll get.

If you are paid by the hour, you might expect to get
  (37/8)*$126 = $582.75
If you're paid for piecework, then your pay will depend on how many pieces you can produce in 37 hours versus 8 hours.
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It must be:

n=582.75----->this is the salary you can get for the 37 hours of working....

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