What Is The Average Salary For A Daycare Director?


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A quality childcare environment can help children improve their reading, social and language skills. Usually the national salary range for childcare directors ranges from $18,000 to $45,000. Salaries do tend to vary based on the geographic location of the childcare centre and the number of children enrolled in the centre.

Daycare directors are education and child care professionals who organize activities and provide supervision and general needs to children in their care. Unlike regular day care teachers, however, daycare directors are responsible for the organization of the activities of all workers in the daycare facility and may be responsible for establishing entire protocols and curriculum as well.

If you would like to become a daycare director, the first port of call is to  start from the bottom. An effective director knows what their staff is dealing with by having been there before. If possible try to get experience in working with all age groups, from infants to school age children. The more experience you have as a daycare teacher, the better director you will be.

When compared to other daycare positions, daycare directors have the highest wage, as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They will make in a year almost $20,000 more than general child care workers. This reflects the fact that daycare directors typically have to have the highest level of training. Most states require educational/daycare directors to be licensed, with employers preferring applicants with a college diploma. Additionally, daycare facilities increasingly want directors with the Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate.

Wherever you tend to be stationed is also reflected in the wage, which varies by state. High paying states and jurisdictions include the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, California and Alaska. These states average between $23,670 and $24,590. This is more than $8,000 than directors in the lowest 10 per cent make.
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I earned $34,000 at my last position, and just got offered $45,000 at my new one.  I am in suburban Detroit and have 10 years experience and a teaching degree.

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