What's The Average Salary For A Freelance Writer?


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Will Martin answered
I've tried to find this out before, and it's really difficult because the work varies so much. Also, a lot of freelancers only write for a few hours per week, so they may have low overall earnings but get a good hourly/ daily rate. It's better to look at earnings for specific fields; eg take a look at the UK National Union of Journalists literature for the latest salary guidelines. Copywriters in the UK typically charge around £50 for a 200-300 word article or press release. Technical writing often pays better depending on the field.

You might find this interview with a freelance writer helpful. And I do have one word of caution; all those courses that say they can get you earning a 6-figure income within a year? Don't believe them! However well you may do eventually, all freelancers start off working for low fees.

Best of luck.

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