What Is The Average Salary For A Physiotherapist In Dubai?


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I   really want to know  about this  .  Please tell that how much a physiotherapist will get according to indian currency.
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What is the average salary for a Physiotherapist in Dubai?
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According to payscale.com, The average pay for an Good Psychiatrist Dubai with Physical Therapy skills in Dubai is AED 111,775 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years' experience in this career.
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Asians can manage to get 5000 to 7000 Adh. Whereas european nationals manage to get higher pays between 10000Adh to 15000 ADH. Therapist with international exprience n qualification get good deals.but now before getting a job you will have to get registred with HAAD.
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Dubai appears to be a place offering many opportunities for many types of jobs. However, physiotherapy jobs appear to be scarce. I have searched a number of websites from hospitals to sports centers to no avail. I found only one opening for physiotherapy and that was for a Senior therapist with over five years experience. However, there was no salary given.

I also read about the requirements for obtaining a visa to live and work in Dubai, and it seems as though this is a first step to job openings.

There are some websites, which offer job search information, however you must sign up on the site to view the available jobs. Some sites also allow you to create a CV online and this of course would be available for employers to view your credentials, and contact you regarding a job opportunity. This seems to me like a good idea for you, to make your interest known to employers in Dubai.

I recommend you enter the words, "physiotherapist jobs/Dubai" into your search bar on your browser and click for a list of websites. Along the right hand side of the page you will also find additional websites with job information. You may want to consider a job in another field on a temporary basis. Once in Dubai and working, you would be in a position to contact places of interest, and learn first hand what possibilities for you as physiotherapist exist.
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I worked in Dubai up to two years ago and found that salaries for physiotherapist are not really dependent on your experience but more on your nationality if you are to work for a hospital over there. If you work for an independent clinic again it depends who is in charge as I knew a girl who was just as good as everyone she worked with but because she was from the Phillipines her salary was fixed at 7000AED compared to 50% that her european compatriots were getting, which equated to around 15000AED and upwards depending on their hours. I was one of the lucky few who worked for a New Zealander and got 50% as my salary but that is good going. So in answer to the question you can expect anything from 500AED to 40000AED in a month depending where and how busy you are.
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Right now I'm searching for a physiotherapy job in Dubai, and it seems the exact salary a physiotherapist can earn is between 3000 aed - 6000 aed,

All the other answers given here are wrong, I conducted a survey in many hospitals and clinics.

So dear friends, just help others by giving complete and true information because someone out there is dependent on your answer.

Sorry if i hurt anybody's feelings!

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Are you thinking of going to one, or becoming one? KIDDING!! As the situation in Dubai is truly unknown to me, I would think from the enormous amounts of monies being spent by Arab royalty, English rock stars and Russian billionaires, you've found a market for undreamt wealth.

This is unless of course you plan to stay at the spinnaker-shaped 7 star Burj Al-Arab hotel—looking much like the set of a James Bond film—and is already world-famous for its $5,000 per-night rooms
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It all dependent on your nationality and study. You can make AED 3000 up to AED15,000. To make more than AED 10,000 you must be paid salary plus % of the patients you will see.
I think if your new you should agree with your boss if you do better than target they give you per month you should meet with them again and an increase should be in place.

You must prove who you are before you demand a high pay always remember that fact

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