Why Do You Think Customer Service Is Important In The Health Care Industry?


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As with all sectors and industries, customer service in healthcare is essential. There are numerous components of healthcare service which may not affect other industries, but which are intrinsic to the smooth running of any health organisation. This is due, mainly, to the fact that many of the ‘customers’ of healthcare organisations, are in some way vulnerable and so high levels of customer care are more important than in other industries.

There are many components which are required to ensure good customer service is maintained. One of the most important, in such settings, is confidentiality; any information about patients must be dealt with securely whether it is test results or date of birth. In addition to this, other components include highly qualified/trained staff, high-quality and clean facilities, correct administration of medicines/treatments and quick and accurate diagnosis. All of these factors are in addition to the one aspect which most people would consider good customer service: The attitude, personality, nature and friendliness of all staff involved.

Within this profession, the attitude of staff is more important than in many other industries. The vulnerability of the patients increases the importance of how they are treated by employees. Many patients may be upset, worried or lonely and so general friendliness will make a big difference to their experience. In addition to this, exceptional communication is required at all times. There may be patients who can’t hear very well or have trouble communicating; it is imperative that staff find ways to ensure patients understand them, especially when it comes to discussing treatment. Many patients already feel a lack of control and choice when in the healthcare system and so ensuring they remain informed and talked to about future developments is important to making them feel a sense of control.

All customer-facing industries strive to excel in customer service and it generally plays a big part in the organisation’s mission statement. It should always be a goal to meet and, indeed, exceed customer expectations as often as possible. It is important to remember that customer satisfaction in relation to customer service is how well the organisation exceeds the customer’s expectations as opposed to the organisations. Customers set the standards by which they expect to be treated.
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Most of the time we don't have sufficient knowledge to deal with present situation regarding health issue. At that time we really need an appropriate information. So I strongly believe that customer support in health care is really important.

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This is especially unfortunate because hospital “customers” are very different than those in any other industry for one important reason—they don’t want to be there. The experience is scary, confusing, and they often feel as though no one understands them. Yet often these same patients are made to feel that because healthcare is a necessity rather than a luxury; they aren’t entitled to a superior patient experience. And this is probably the biggest mistake our industry makes.

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Good customer service is important to get the best level of care, stop infection and ensure that the patient is ready to return home as soon as possible.
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Yes of course, customer service is a major
part of health care
industry. If the customers are not satisfied with the provided services then
the industry can’t run smoothly for too many days. Customer satisfactions are
the main motto of every industry. Thank you.

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I believe that customer service is important in every sphere. It's necessary to meet customers' expectations, and I think that healthcare is a sphere where customer service can also be a part of therapy. When I was on orlando chiropractic adjustment, customer support really helped me overcome all the worries about the procedure.

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