Why do you think you are suitable for customer care, call center position?


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If this is on a job application, you would need to explain why you are suited to the position they are offering.  Are you able to get along with people, even with people with unreasonable demands, without losing your cool?

Are you able to answer questions on the phone, or to explain whatever you're selling on the phone, without getting rattled when asked for more information?

Do you like talking on the phone? Do you like talking with customers? Do you like helping people?

I've done all kinds of customer service work and lasted 7 years at Target and 5 1/2 years at Younkers. Working with people in person is easier, to me, than call center work.

I did call center work for almost a year. Call center work is very restrictive in my opinion. They have a contract with a company to sell something or to answer questions on behalf of that company.

For instance, if you do call center work, you might be working on a team that supports a bank's credit card. You might be receiving calls from customers on why their card was shut down; or they believe their card might have been stolen; or they have a question on a charge they noticed on their statement.

Are you able to pull up certain screens on your computer and help resolve the situation within a certain timeframe. You have a script that you have to follow and time guidelines that you need to adhere to.

If you go over on your time or you don't follow the script the company has provided, you might receive a verbal warning from your employer. If you consistently don't hit your numbers, you could be fired for not making your goals.

I hope this was helpful for you.

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