What Are The Principles Of Human Resources Management?


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Human resources management is guided by very important aspects. These aspects are essential for any business to succeed. Principles of Human Resources Management have been well summarized in 10C’s.

Comprehensiveness. This involves the proper management of all aspects of the people you are working with bearing in mind that human resources is the most valuable resource your firm has. This means that the financial, health, transportation, tools and anything employees need to work should be well taken care of.

Cost-effectiveness. Companies should ensure that they remunerate their employees accordingly. The employees reward system should be able to sustain the organization.

Control. Firms should be able to take charge of their employees and ensure that productivity and quality is achieved and maintained. Control should be exercised carefully so that it does not seem like tyranny.

Coherence. All the steps taken by a firm in the management of human resources must be in line with the mission and vision of the firm. Human Resources managers should direct their focus on what the company needs and employee abilities.

Communication is very important in every organization. Through communication, firms can ensure there is flow of information that is necessary for efficiency.

Creativity is key if a firm is to be efficient in human resources management. Firms should adopt new ways of human resources management as long as it fits their companies.

Competence. It is an organizations responsibility to ensure that their employees are skilled to do their duties. Because the competence of a firm depends on that of its employees, firms should do everything to increase employee capabilities for example, by training them.

Credibility. Firms must ensure that they remain the best brand to most of their clients by maintaining their credibility. They should put in place strategies that ensure all employees have a clear sense of direction to a common goal.

Change is inevitable for businesses. The fastest business to embrace change in management of their human resources is better placed to produce better results.

Commitment. Every organization has objectives which they intend to meet both for themselves and for their clients. To meet these goals, firms need committed staff therefore it is the firms responsibility to keep their employees motivated so as to ensure they are committed to the organizations course.
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Human resource management (HRM) or management of human capital is extremely important in today's industries. The principles of HRM are the foundations human resource management in any sector and these must be observed. There are basically 10cs in HRM which should be adhered to. These are comprehensiveness, credibility, communication, control, change cost-effectiveness, Competence, creativity, and coherence.
For every institution some essential principals should be followed by the human resources department. For example, the selection of employees should be strictly merit based, there should be no discrimination or favoritism and every employee should be treated fairly and in a consistent manner. Whatever the work be, care must be taken such that the employees are do subjected to unsafe conditions in the workplace. Safety is of utmost importance and it is the legal duty of every employer and specifically the HRM team to ensure the employees with a safe and healthy work environment.
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Some principles are prescribed below:
1. Treat people with respect and dignity.
2. Treat people with justice.
3. Don;t underestimate potential of any individuals.
4. Make people feel that they are important for the organization.
5. Supply people with all relevant information.
6. Provide employees with opportunities for growth and development.
7. Reward should be earned not given.
8. Deal with people as complete individual.
9. Treat people as adults.

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