What Is A Lesson Plan, And Why Is It Important For The Teacher To Prepare One?


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A lesson plan is essentially a map for teachers to follow when they’re in class. It stops them from going off on tangents, and keeps them focused on the task in hand.

What Might A Lesson Plan Consist Of?
  • An aim or a goal is the most important part, and outlines what the teacher hopes to achieve with the class. This could be something like, “Discuss gender in Hamlet” or, "Calculating percentages".
  • A structure for the session, broken down into chunks - e.g. Ten minutes for reading a poem, twenty minutes for analyzing, ten minutes for discussing poetic form...
  • A list of things that will be needed - e.g, photocopied worksheets, or copies of a book
  • A rough sketch of something that will be drawn on the board - a spider diagram, for example
Why Is It Important To Plan A Class?
A lesson plan gives the teacher a structure to follow, which means it’s much easier to achieve the goals set for the session.

It’s a bit like writing an essay - if you haven’t planned it, you’re just going to ramble, and your essay isn't going to make any sense.

You won’t communicate the information that you intend to, and you’ll probably end up repeating yourself.

Students find it much easier to concentrate if the lesson has some kind of logical structure, and it makes the session a lot less stressful for the teacher, too!
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Session plans are very important for teaching. It is a structure designed to help keep on track of the course outline. To get detailed information on how to design session plans, please visit the following link.
Session Plan

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