What Is A Phone Interview And Do I Need To Prepare For One?


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Some companies do prefer to give telephone interviews before they give face to face interviews, in order to narrow down the selection of applicants. They are seen as great ways to lower the costs incurred by companies when they have to give out of town interviews.
One of the negatives of a phone interview is that the companies often do not give any notice for a phone interview. Some simply ring up on the spur of the moment and ask you if you have a few moments to spare to talk to them. This means that you do have to prepare for a phone interview even if you have not been told that you have one!
In order to prepare for a phone interview you do exactly as you would with an ordinary interview and prepare for the same questions. Also ensure that you keep your CV close by on your desk so that you can go over it if needed at any time during the interview. It may also help you to have a list of your achievements and various different pointers to remind yourself of things to say. Overall a phone interview is almost the same as a face to face interview and you should prepare for it exactly how you would with a face to face one.

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