When To Refer Complaints To Appropriate Personnel?


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Filing a complaint is an action that can be filed by anybody whose right has been violated. They come in different kinds depending on the severity of the offense that has been committed. For instance, there are those that are less serious and can be settled between the parties outright. However, for those complaints that are very serious, a court action may ensue.

To ensure that your complaint is accordingly filed, it has to meet certain requirements. First, you need to have a cause of action whereby you need to have a ground from which your complaint must be based. It can be a missing laptop, a missed flight, a fraudulent collection letter or just about anything that will give rise to a complaint. In addition, you will also need evidences to support your complaint. These evidences can either be testimonies of able witnesses or documents. Even the veracity of the documents have to be determined as well as the statements of those who claim to witness the act complained of. Otherwise, your complaint will not hold any water.

A complaint, in order to be valid must be lodged with the proper authorities. The different agencies of the government have their own complaints board who will accept and decide on the case at hand.  In the event it will be filed with the wrong authorities or personnel, it will be dismissed or returned to the complainant. Likewise, jurisdiction by the personnel concerned must also be determined. There are complaints that can be heard from within the level of a classroom adviser or a guidance counselor rather than bringing it up directly to the principal.

Meanwhile, private agencies and business establishments have their respective committees who handle complaints from the customers. Normally, a customer service representative accepts all complaints who in turn refer it to the person designated to handle it.

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